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Private Asian Girls – Expert Tips on Hot to Have Mind-Blowing Quickies

Regardless of where you choose to do it, there’s nothing hotter than quick and spontaneous sex, as you get in and out of your partner and both of you are sexually satisfied! But what if it’s just you who’s satisfied, and she’s a bit pissed off (or terribly pissed off) that you left her high […]

Private Asian Girls | More of the Weirdest Sex Laws From Around the World

If you think that the most sexually-repressive laws in the world can be found only in the Middle East (where Islam is the majority religion) or in parts of Africa, think again. In fact, some countries in Europe, and even a couple of US states, have sex laws that are nothing but pure hogwash! Here […]

Private Asian Girls | The Spicy Backpacker’s Advise On How To Travel Together With Titillating Gadgets

People are familiar with the feeling as soon as our bag is subjected to inspection at seaports and airports, and thereafter, the security officers discover a few of our very private items. You’ll typically feel rather horrified or stunned. Now, suppose you’re stashing a sexual device with you in your possession! Here’s a glimpse of […]

Private Asian Girls | The Horny Tourist’s Advise On How To Travel Together With Erotic Tools

We are aware of how it feels when our suitcase is inspected at air terminals and harbours, and then, the security staffs discover a number of our quite personal possessions. You will always feel rather scared or nervous. Okay so, let’s say you are keeping an adult toy along in your luggage! Here’s looking at […]

Private Asian Escorts | Smart Device Apps To Bring Back That Heat In Your Spiritless Love-life

Has your sexual prowess in truth gone down the pits? It might be because you’ve been inadequate with steps on making affairs steam in bed, or otherwise you let your lover fall sleepy from frustration! The good thing, there are smart device apps to help bring back that heat in your undoubtedly spiritless love-life! Wunderlist […]

Private Asian Girls | Here’s Knowing VR Porn

Pornography has at last entered the Space Age with the launching of Virtual Reality (VR)! For a really fantastic browsing experience, you’ll need a tablet/phone working on iOS, along with a $20 or more headphones. These are vibrant, artery-exploding realities regarding virtual reality porn. VR Porn Is Way Not Similar To Your Usual Erotica Prepare […]

Binge-Watching Can Seriously Affect Your Sexual & Mental Health

If there’s one thing bad to attribute to the evolution of Netflix and other services that offer endless, and updated, streams of TV shows and movies, is that binge-watching can seriously your sexual and mental health!  According to new research, on average after the past two decades there has been a major decrease in how […]

Private Asian Girls – Sex Secrets About Women That Most Guys Don’t Know

There are certain things in life that you should know, and should not know. That’s what most life coaches and so-called experts say when discussing sensitive issues like work, relationships, or even sex! And just when most guys think that they already know the deepest, darkest sex secrets of women, here’s a look at a […]

Private Asian Girls | The Health, Wellness & Career Perks of Having a Lot of Sex

Who says that the phrase “anything done in excess is bad for you” is always correct? I guess this notion should not apply to sex, because according to a new study conducted by Oregon State University in the US, sex makes work better, and it does so equally for men and women! Here’s a quick […]

Private Asian Girls – 3 Types of Women That You Shouldn’t Be Jumping Into Bed With

We all know that sex can be quite a tricky subject. For example, you may be ready, and raring to go for a casual, no-strings attached sexual relationship, yet that doesn’t mean that the girl is on the same page as you. So, before you get into deep with that mysterious lady you met at […]

Private Asian Girls | Tasty, Tempting Facts & Figures About “Beer Goggles”

If you’re on a romantic date, or just on the prowl for casual sex, how do you help “break the ice” on the first date? Well, why don’t you hit the booze?! And once you’ve downed one too many bottles already, perhaps you’ll feel a bit queasy, and light-headed, as well as get some “beer […]

Private Asian Girls – Fantastic & Fearful facts Behind The Art Of “Breath” Play

Perhaps most of us equate strangulation with serial killers, rapists or abusive husbands. But don’t you know that there’s a rather erotic, and more accepted form of strangulation? (Although it’s still considered very dangerous of course!). This erotic form of strangulation is actually called “erotic breath play” or erotic asphyxiation, and is defined as “the […]

Private Asian Girls – 3 Myths about Orgasms That People Should Not Believe In

What’s the truth about orgasms, and what’s not real about it? Well, I’m sure everyone would agree that getting an orgasm is something really refreshing and exciting. And each year, countless number of studies has proved the physical, emotional and psychological benefits of sex and orgasms. However, there are a couple of myths about orgasms […]

Private Asian Girls – Suitable Mates to Warm Up Your Bed

Travelling to Brisbane? This exhilarating city in Queensland is teeming with great ideas for exploration if you know where to find the great places to eat, drink, shop, play… and stay! Of course, your stay will be more worthwhile if you get to bed one of those sultry Private Asian Girls before you leave the […]

Private Asian Girls – Having More Tattoos Leads to More Sex, and That’s According to a Polish Study

Have you ever longed to have your arms or legs emblazoned with your favourite tattoo?  Well, perhaps you should have those tattoos done now, because according to a study done in Poland, men with tattoos are seen as more masculine by women, tattoos intimidate potential male rivals, and of course guys with tattoos also have […]

Private Asian Girls – 3 Things You Need To Do To Ensure Her Orgasm

According to Private Asian Girls, one of the most important lessons you need to learn is a woman’s orgasm. The female orgasm, much like the female mind, is a complex phenomenon that is hard to understand. But pay attention to the following insider’s tutorial and you’ll soon work your way to the top of the […]

Private Asian Girls – 5 Effective Tricks to Do When Licking Her Pussy

Believe it or not, women love men who know how to eat their pussy out. According to Private Asian Girls, this is simply because such act can give them intense satisfaction and pleasure. Hence, as much as possible, it’s best to give it out to them all the time. If you want to know the […]

Private Asian Girls – Shocking Facts & Details About “Sexual Anorexia”

Most, if not all of us, often associated the word or term “anorexia” with eating disorders, which are characterised by a low weight, fear of gaining weight, or a strong desire to be thin, and an aversion to food. But don’t you know that anorexia can also happen in a sexual context? Here are a […]

Private Asian Girls – The Naive Neophyte’s Guide to Performing Edging

Perhaps you’ve already tried doing stuff like bondage, threesomes, and other unique stuff in bed. But have you ever tried doing something as tense and exciting as – edging? Wait, edge what? Nope, you are not going over the edge of a cliff or building, and do some stupid balancing act of sorts. Instead, you’ll […]

Private Asian Girls – 3 Things Men Need To Remember When Doing Sexting

Sexting has become a popular way of flirting each other, without the need for physicality. Heck, as what Private Asian Girls says, it’s also one of the ways to make a girl beg for sex. But of course, it doesn’t come as a walk in the park – the road to an efficient sexting is […]

Private Asian Girls | Lesbian Porn And Why A Lot Of Men Like Watching It Today

What do most men search for online, or watch on DVD or cable TV late at night? According to some sex experts, a rising number of men love watching threesomes, light BDSM stuff, and lesbian porn!   Well, if you ask Pornhub, which is one of the most popular online porn sites today, they’ve found out […]

Asian Canberra Escorts – The Coolest And Sexiest Strip Clubs Down Under

Wherever you go around the world, there’s one popular (yet sleazy) entertainment venue that’s always ever-present, and it’s called a”strip club”.  Strip clubs are defined as “venues that regularly provide adult entertainment, predominantly in the form of striptease or other erotic or exotic dances”. Strip clubs usually adopt a nightclub or bar style, and can […]

Asian Escorts Brisbane – The Nervous Newbie’s Guide To The Proper One-Night Stand Etiquette

Of the many things in life that most single guys and girls (or even married people) crave most about, is experiencing the best and most exciting one night stand. However, great one-night stands are quite tough to pull off, as a lot of things can go terribly wrong, with just one false move. Here’s the […]

Asian Escorts Adelaide – An Insightful Peek At The Mysterious World Of Voyeurism

Perhaps all of us know what a “peeping tom” is and what he or she often does. Well, if you know someone who derives sexual pleasure from other people undress, or engage in sexual acts, then please call him or her a “voyeur”! According to sex experts, “voyeurism” is defined as “a practice in which […]

Perth Asian Escort – More People Report Having Sex While Driving

More and more people are getting so adventurous today, especially in terms of sex. Apart from having sex in unlikely places like the laundry room, garage, office stockroom or in the great outdoors, more couples are reporting having sex, while driving, or in a moving vehicle! This disturbing trend is based on a recent survey […]

Asian Escorts Melbourne – The Basics Of Seriously Hot & Sleazy Sexting

Sexting – if you think it’s only being done by a number of sexually-repressed individuals, think again. According to a 2013 study involving college students in the United States, 80% of young adults reported receiving sexts, and 67% reported sending them too. And according to popular sex Toy Company Adam & Eve, 32% of men, […]

Asian Escorts Sydney – A Fun, Bubbly & Intriguing Look At Japan’s “Soaplands”

Which country has the most innovative (or shall we say the weirdest and funniest) sex industry? It’s the Japanese, because if you go to the red light districts of Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and other large cities, their prostitution joints and salons look more like video game arcades and bars, with lots of flashing neon lights […]

Private Asian Girls – 5 Ways On How to Touch Her the Right Way

In sex, touching – regardless of the area to be touched – plays an important role. In fact, as what Private Asian Girls suggest, if it’s done properly, it’s enough to make a woman cum. Of course, that’s no moonlight and roses; hence you need to practice how touching in bed should be done. Well, […]

Private Asian Girls – The 4 Rules of Picking Up Women

Before you can even ask her to come visit you at your flat, you need to earn her trust. Basically, the key is to pick her up the right way, according to Private Asian Girls. But of course, it’s not that really easy, so you really need to master it. Well, to keep you going, […]

Private Asian Girls | 5 Tricks That Can Help You Last Longer in Bed

Sometimes, sex can be very frustrating to women. Why? That’s because most men don’t satisfy them, according to Private Asian Girls. And one of the main reason is not being able to last longer in bed. You see, unlike men, women can do multiple orgasm. Hence you need to cope up with their sexual hunger. […]

Private Asian Girls | 4 Reasons Why She No Longer Wants to Have Sex with You

It’s always difficult when she tends to stop having sex with you. That the once fiery and sensual relationship is now nothing but cold. According to Private Asian Girls, there are plenty of reasons why women no longer want to have sex with their partners. But of course, it’s important for men to determine it […]

Private Asian Girls | The Juiciest, & Raciest Movie Masturbation Scenes Of All Time

Whether you like action movies, or steamy drama, the movies you’ll watch will most likely be peppered with one, two or more sex (or sexy) scenes. But have you ever seen a movie where the main stars jerked themselves off, in a flood of ecstasy? In cased you missed them, here a couple of really […]

Private Asian Girls | Sexual Fetishes That Border Between The Illogical & Insane

Sex, just like any other activity, can either be pleasurable, or outright absurd. While the conventional sexual practises are often referred to as “vanilla” sex, the more extreme, or outlandish ones, are called “paraphilias”, which is a condition characterised by abnormal sexual desires that usually involve extreme or dangerous activities. Here’s an mind-boggling look at […]

Private Asian Girls | 4 Secret Ways to Make Any Woman Crave For Sex Badly

It’s no secret that women crave for sex. Sometimes, according to Private Asian Girls, they’re just afraid to show it. Hence they tend to hide the desire from their partners. Nonetheless, there are ways to bring that sexual desire to the top and it’s up to you, as the man, to work on it. Well, […]

Private Asian Girls – 4 “Scientific” Reasons Why Ladies With Small Boobs Have More Fun

You may find this new piece information hard to believe, but according to scientists and researchers, women with small boobs fare much better than, women with big bosoms! With the surge in augmentation procedures, and in the number of women taking birth-control pills, breast sizes have actually gotten larger in the past few years, with […]

Private Asian Girls – Top 5 Secrets to Feeling Bigger Inside Her

Sometimes, you’re proud with that package between your legs. Other times, however, you feel less than adequate and need some reassuring that you’re still man enough. The ladies featured on the pages of Private Asian Girls all agree that it isn’t size that matters, but what you do with it in bed. Despite that, worrying […]

Friends with Benefits

Relationships, whether they’re serious or just plain platonic, have their sets of risks. However, the risks go higher whenever you dive into a “friends with benefits” (FWB) setup. But what’s so surprising is that FWB setups are the rage today, despite all the health and emotional risks involved! Here are a couple of helpful tips […]


Sensual Surprises and Sexy Fun

Every little bit helps, or so the saying goes. When it comes to time in the sack, even the slightest change can make a big difference in the experience for both parties. The lovely babes at Adelaide Escort Girls know this very well, and they’ve seen it work themselves. This wasn’t the first time the […]


More Pleasure with an Erotic 3-Way

Threesomes are a touchy subject – for some, it’s something they’d like to experience; for others, it’s an awkward sort of undertaking. Even if more and more people are open to that kind of experimenting, something can still go awry. With the ladies featured in the gallery at Asian Escorts Melbourne, though, there’s no risk […]


5 Ways to Guarantee the Erotic Success of Spontaneous Sex

If you feel yourself heating up, there’s only one thing left for you to do – get busy! You cannot just deprive yourself of the pleasures that your body is craving for. Such an act is just not right. Especially with the weather being hot all the time, it comes to no wonder that you […]


Interludes that take You to Heaven | Asian Canberra Escorts

Looking forward to some sexy rendezvous with your date from Asian Canberra Escorts this weekend? Don’t be frantic. We have a wide selection you won’t run out of the most suitable girlfriend for yourself. You’ll surely enjoy a pleasurable interlude that will take you to the 7th heaven and back. It wouldn’t take her seconds […]

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Obeying Your Mistress – A Private Asian Girls Story

We both entered in a dimmed-lit hotel room. “Sit!” I said. I knew in an instant he was turned on by my sudden command. “I’m your mistress now.” BDSM was one of my popular escort services. My clients just love it, and they keep on coming back for more. My voice firm and cold, I […]

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3 Sexy Activities to Do With Canberra Escorts

There are numerous reasons to visit the city of Canberra. However, the so-called city of seduction offers more than that. It is home to some of the hottest and highly-reviewed independent escorts, who can satisfy your inner sexual desires. These ladies have a substantial reputation of making your sexual fantasies come true, and arousing every […]

Like It Hot In the Airy Garden | Private Asian Girls

It’s time to move out of the bedroom, get some fresh air and have some sexcapades in the garden. Yes, your chosen sultry siren from Private Asian Girls would just love to be fucked under the shade. She will in no time eagerly take everything off, and feel the cool breeze, exposing a pair of […]

Kissing, Hooking-Up, and Sex | Asian Escorts Melbourne

When it comes to SEX, obviously, men and women have something in common – a mindset that have deceived and misled most of us. What is it? It’s actually the mentality that the only purpose of sex is to experience orgasms. For most, it’s the main goal, then main objective, and what it’s really meant […]

Get ready for the Pumping | Canberra Escorts

The sultry vixens of Canberra-escorts are the ones sex ravenous men want to spend the night with. Why, because they don’t take much effort in bringing their lovers to the highest ecstasy. With their amazing skills, guys are moved into thinking that they and their escorts are the only ones existing in the world once […]

Asian Escorts Adelaide Stories: Time for Pleasure

Escorts in Adelaide know good sex – that’s a fact. The city is haven for bachelors, and even committed men. In a place where the escorting industry is a much accepted business, gorgeous women are just within your arm’s reach. Let me share an experience with you… the first encounter… Bright city lights, a dimmed […]

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Private Asian Girls – 4 Things to Say to Get a Woman NAKED!

A friend of mine once said, “When you have a wild lustful thought, trust it!” So, as I hear those words, I was like… “What was that?! What does he imply?” Anyway, it might be vague for me that time, but after some erotic adventures, that IDEA eventually came to light! These erotic journeys that […]

8 Healthy Reasons to Pleasure Yourself

Female masturbation is not something you discuss in a normal basis. In fact, it isn’t as acknowledged compared to male masturbation. However, women need to know that masturbation can bring them some excellent health benefits. Even though people don’t talk much about it, the sexual needs and desires of women are as equally as important […]

Private Asian Girls – Your Erotic Fantasies Catered

Private Asian girls in Australia are one of the most in demand escorts in the industry. These girls carry the beauty and grace of Asia when they meet clients in Australia. These girls are exotic, erotic and are very raunchy when it comes to sex. Unlike their predisposed innocent charisma, these ladies are very experimental, […]

Love and Lust: Top 5 Hottest Asian Porn Stars

The Asian porn industry has a huge fan base from all over the world. There is no doubt female Asian porn stars are well-recognized in the adult entertainment industry. Because of its popularity, it stringed another genre in adult videos labeled as “asians”. With its popularity, female porn stars are on the rise. Here is […]


Jasmine Jaro: The Empress of Top Class Escorting

Finding the best Asian escorts in Australia can be a tough job but with we can make it easier for you. Meet Jasmine Jaro – an Asian-Australian escort based in Melbourne. Jasmine is considered to be one of the best escorts not only in Victoria but in all Australia. She is beautiful, discreet, professional […]

To the beat of our Erotically Erratic Heartbeat

The beautiful country of Australia offers gargantuan delights to every man’s desire as the vixens of the night, the private Asian girls satisfy their longing and craving. These sultry courtesans make men’s worlds go round as they unleash their naughty tricks. For men who have the hots for these trannies, you will surely not regret […]

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