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8 Healthy Reasons to Pleasure Yourself

Female masturbation is not something you discuss in a normal basis. In fact, it isn’t as acknowledged compared to male masturbation. However, women need to know that masturbation can bring them some excellent health benefits.

Private Asian GirlsEven though people don’t talk much about it, the sexual needs and desires of women are as equally as important as men’s. You should never feel guilty or need a reason to pleasure yourself. But if you want to justify your actions, then here are the benefits of female masturbation.

1. Stress Relief

The best thing about masturbation is that it can relieve you from stress and tension. Why not? First, you retreat yourself to a quiet space for a few minutes (or as long as you want). Here, there’s no one interrupting you and no one to remind you of all the pressure closing in on you. Indeed, this is a special time for yourself.

2. Strength

Yes! Pleasuring yourself is also a form of exercise! Remember that orgasm is a real workout for your pelvic floor. As you reach the plateau stage of orgasm, your clitoris will swell due to increased blood pressure. Your respiration and heart rate heighten as well. As your uterus contracts, not only will you feel satisfied, but this strengthens the whole uterine/vaginal muscle area.

3. Mood Enhancer

Are you still looking for more ideas why ladies should masturbate other than making them feel good? Well, this action is believed to be an instant mood enhancer. The hormones (dopamine and epinephrine) that are released before, during and after climax are considered to be natural mood-boosters.

4. Sleep Aid

Another reason why this practice is healthy is it promotes better sleep. Through hormonal and tension release, it’s considered to be a natural way to fight insomnia.

When you’re in the anticipation of sexual climax, you’re “feel-good” hormone (Dopamine) is being released. Once you reach climax, the Oxycontin or the calming hormone and endorphin’s are discharged. This is the reason why you’ll have that lovely afterglow that can put you into a soothing slumber. No wonder Canberra-escorts still look so stunning and hot even though their night is filled with hot sex!

5. Cervical Health

While regular masturbation in men helps reduce the risk of prostate cancer, sexual stimulation in females is now being linked to cervical health. Regularly pleasuring yourself can be healthy due to the muscular function known as “tenting”.

As you reach climax, your cervix opens and this “tenting” is responsible for stretching and pulling the cervical mucus that has increased acidity and volume. This acidity is the result of the increase in friendly bacteria. So during tenting, the fluid transfers from the cervix to the vagina, lubricating it and then flushing out those harmful microbes that cause infections.

6. General Health

Numerous studies would show that female masturbation is somehow linked to a couple of health issues. Some of these benefits are related to heart health and reducing the risk of developing diabetes. In addition to that, ladies who experience regular or more orgasms have a greater resistance to coronary heart disease.

7. Strengthens Relationships

Let’s face it, not everyone is lucky to have a great sex life and not all sexual needs are the same with their partner. Because of that, masturbation stands as an action to supplement your needed satisfaction.

In addition to that, this serves as a good subject for communicating with your partner by sharing that there are moments you feel unsatisfied. You might even want to let your partner witness how you play with yourself to teach them where you want to be touched.

8. Self-Awareness

Lastly, pleasuring yourself can bring you to a path of self-enlightenment. This is just a small step, but it’s important to self-awareness that you can love and nurture yourself, sexually and emotionally.

If you think that masturbating is just purely a sexual act, then it’s a good thing you have read this list. Now, you can see that there are truly a number of benefits of this action. According to the lovely ladies of Canberra-Escorts, you’ll totally feel the freedom of pleasuring yourself.

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