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Canberra Best EscortsIt wouldn’t take her seconds to strip off in the motel room you bring her to, as she’s already dressed scantily. She stands there naked against the wall, with her perky tits most celebrities would die for. It’s no surprise to feel the throbbing between your thighs.

Right there and then, you just want to ram your shaft to her cunt, moving it in and out. Nevertheless, just the right manoeuvring, and you successfully manage to get your cock into her slit. Her scream makes you want to cum.

How sweet it is to savour the moment, feeling the warmth of her wet cunt! She grabs the cheeks of your butt to grind on your dick. As you cum, she breaks free, drops down to her knees and milks your every drop.

The next wave of the fiery interlude, sees you slapping her ass, nibbling on her tits, ramming up her pussy with your hand. You fuck each other up in various positions—her clit on your face, backwards and forwards, in the shower, on the bed, on the floor, and elsewhere until your cock is depleted.

Sex is my favourite past time,” she exclaims. “I could just do it over and over again.” After all the thirst quenching lovemaking, you demonstrate your culinary ability.

You make a couple of omelets while she stands behind you naked, her arms around your waist. She savours the sensation of rubbing her hairy snatch against your ass, while she fingers her clit.

As you enjoy the delicious concoction, she rubs some cream on your dick and licks it clean. That sends you hornier you instantly lay her down on the table. The last of the meal, you think this is yummy dessert. You gently open her legs and bury your face between them.

She’s on the verge as you finger her while at the same time flick her pink folds with your tongue. Finally, you plunge her into her wet groove as deep as you could, slowly in and out, and later on more aggressively. This sends you both to the highest ecstasy!

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