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Asian Escorts Adelaide Stories: Time for Pleasure

Escorts in Adelaide know good sex – that’s a fact. The city is haven for bachelors, and even committed men. In a place where the escorting industry is a much accepted business, gorgeous women are just within your arm’s reach. Let me share an experience with you…

Asian Escorts Adelaidethe first encounter…

Bright city lights, a dimmed room…I stood there waiting by the glass window. A minute later I heard the door click. He’s here. I turned around to see a tall man in a business suit. He must have come from a meeting. He smiled, gazed at me from head to toe. Oh I know that look that need.

I was wearing my new baby – a lace corset perfectly hugging my body, the satin ribbons loosely tied for his craving hands, the swell of my boobs showing just enough of what he can devour later. He was standing at the edge of the bed, still staring at me like I’m a gift he’s been waiting to open.

Heating up the conversation…

Hi, he said. Majority of my clients were upper middle class. Busy day at work? I replied in a delicate voice. I approached him naughtily, as he started to take off his coat and poured wine in a glass. I started to unbutton his shirt, playfully grazing my fingers on his skin.

We talked some more, just to relax the atmosphere, had a couple of sips of wine too. I can feel his excitement as I undid the last button of his shirt. The bulge from his pants getting bigger…and bigger. He stopped my hands from going down there. Not yet baby…he tells me.

Dying in anticipation…

He lay me down on the soft mattress, don’t move…tracing his lips on my neck while his skilful hands continue to untie my corset. I was helpless with desire as he reached the dip of my bare chest, my hard nipples aching for his tongue. He watched me, writhing in anticipation.

I could feel my pussy getting wetter by the second, his hardened cock grazing my thighs. He sucked each of my breasts, and I couldn’t help but let out a moan. You’re so gorgeous, I heard him whisper. He’s now tracing his tongue on my stomach, down…until he reached my wetness.

A satisfying finish…

I can’t take it anymore…I was begging him to enter me like crazy. I can see it in his eyes that he wanted it too. His every thrust reaching my pleasure spot, our rhythm matched. My moans filled the room. He took me doggie style, and many other positions.

Both of us reached such erotic heights that night. I was so turned on when he took charge of our sex. We rested for a while, and I decided to return the favour. All I know is he went home happier and stress-free. Welcome to my world, and my profession.

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