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Asian Escorts Brisbane – The Nervous Newbie’s Guide To The Proper One-Night Stand Etiquette

Of the many things in life that most single guys and girls (or even married people) crave most about, is experiencing the best and most exciting one night stand. However, great one-night stands are quite tough to pull off, as a lot of things can go terribly wrong, with just one false move. Here’s the nervous newbie’s guide to the proper one-night stand etiquette.

asian-escorts-brisbaneLearn To Be Upfront

If you’re planning to prowl the bars and clubs tonight, in the hopes of finding the hottest one-night stand prospects, the first thing that you should learn is to make your intentions clear to your potential bedroom playmate, before flipping off your pants! But if you’re too shy, or to scared, of directly stating your case to any potential hookups, why don’t you enjoy a hassle-free and fun girlfriend experience with the lovely Asian Escorts Brisbane?

To be upfront, yet in a nice way, simply drop  into the conversation that you love being single, or you are too busy for a serious relationship, and perhaps she should get your message that you’re just looking for a good time (like a great one-night stand!) and not a girlfriend.

Opt To Go To Her Place, Not Yours

When the time comes for both partners to slip into somewhere private, always make sure you opt to go to her place, and not yours. This is because most ladies often tend to keep their homes or digs a little cleaner, and nicer than most men, and she’s more likely to feel comfortable there too (and you’ll have  a better option of fleeing before sunrise, if you need to!).

Complement Her, But Don’t Delay The Kissing And Undressing

Once you make it to her abode, make sure she doesn’t get bored, by doing some small talk. It would also help if you complement her beauty and good looks, as well as her sexiness, but then let the kissing and undressing commence, as you both know what you are really there for!

And as for the sex, make sure you mix things up with the fairly standard stuff, as well as with a few adventurous moves. However, don’t do any BDSM stuff like spanking or whipping (especially if she doesn’t approve of it), and no back-door entry too, as well as no whipping out and using any weird sex toys.

Keep the Lines Of Communication Open

And so you’ll know what your hookup partner wants in bed, remember that communication is important. Thus, listen to what she wants and tell her what works great for you too. Make sure you’re quite generous with your moans and groans of delight too, and don’t hold back on lavishing your lady with lots of delightful kissing, squeezing, sucking, stroking and rubbing.

But if you haven’t ever tried looking for a one-night stand yet, perhaps you should try experiencing a fun and stress-free girlfriend experience with the lovely Asian Escorts Brisbane!

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