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Asian Escorts Melbourne – The Basics Of Seriously Hot & Sleazy Sexting

Sexting – if you think it’s only being done by a number of sexually-repressed individuals, think again. According to a 2013 study involving college students in the United States, 80% of young adults reported receiving sexts, and 67% reported sending them too. And according to popular sex Toy Company Adam & Eve, 32% of men, and 38% of women surveyed had already done sexting. Now isn’t that a lot of erotic content floating around the digital realm! But whether you already consider yourself a seasoned sexting veteran, or a relative newbie, here are a couple of  helpful hints on the basics of seriously hot and sleazy sexting.

asian-escorts-melbourneLeave Your Sexting Partner Hanging – Just A Little Bit

Whether you’re sexting your girlfriend, or perhaps a hookup partner, or even your favourite Asian Escorts Melbourne, try to leave them hanging, by just a little. According to Michele Lisenbury Christensen, the founder of “Messages or sexts that beg to be responded to will keep the game escalating”!

Provide Lots Of Feedback

When sexting, it pays to provide lots of feedback because if you’re sexting someone you haven’t met yet, he or she can’t see you and will want to know you’re into what they’re saying. Most sexting experts also stress that positive reinforcement can be just the encouragement your sexting partner needs to keep it coming!

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

When sexting, and sending suggestive photos, it pays to do a little teasing of sorts, because a shot of your underwear, or you wrapped in a towel after showering can be enough to tempt and tease your sexting partner!

Don’t Send Photos That Include Your Face

When sexting for the very first time, remember that you can actually send your partner really hot and sleazy photos, but please do not yet include any identifying characteristics, because you certainly don’t want to be part of those lurid stories about leaked sexting photos!

Do Not Sext Too Soon

If it’s your first time to sext, take things slow, and give your sexting mate something to look forward to. While you can talk naughty and flirty at the onset, don’t rush on getting too dirty too soon, because you might just run out of ideas in the middle!

Try Some Sexting Strip Tease

To make sexting more fun and exciting, text your partner throughout the day, if possible, on what you want to do to her, or what you want her to do to you later tonight. And in between sexts, add a sexually-suggestive photo, because the anticipation of getting it on can be as fun and exciting as doing the deed! Perhaps you could start the ball rolling now, by sexting your hookup partners, or your preferred Asian Escorts Melbourne!

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