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Asian Escorts Sydney – A Fun, Bubbly & Intriguing Look At Japan’s “Soaplands”

Which country has the most innovative (or shall we say the weirdest and funniest) sex industry? It’s the Japanese, because if you go to the red light districts of Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and other large cities, their prostitution joints and salons look more like video game arcades and bars, with lots of flashing neon lights and other truly colourful displays. And in Japan, the sexual services are as varied (and as creative) as ever, where you can find cute ladies who do nothing but suck and clean your “manhood”, to women who literally wash your body from head to toe, and have sex with you after! Here’s a fun, bubbly and intriguing look at Japan’s “soaplands”.

asian-escorts-sydneyWhat’s A Soapland?

A “soapland” or “sopurando” in Japanese, is obviously, a word constructed from two English words – “soap” and “land”, and is part of the country’s night-time entertainment industry. Since directly promoting sexual intercourse for money in Japan is officially prohibited, different types of brothels have been developed, and one of these includes soaplands. Perhaps if you go inside a soapland, you’d be surprised to find that the ladies there look as cute as the Asian Escorts Sydney back home!

Soaplands came into existence in 1958, which was a time where paid sexual intercourse was declared illegal in Japan. But during this time, women were actually washing the bodies (and private parts) of men, but they were done in establishments called “turuko-buro” or Turkish baths.  But after the Turks reportedly got pissed off at the Japanese for giving a bad reputation to their revered bathhouses, the Japanese instead changed the name to “soapland”.

What Happens Inside A Soapland?

What happens inside a soapland? In a soapland, the customer chooses his lovely bathing companion from a selection of half-naked ladies, and afterward they take him to a room and prepare for his “bath”.

The preparation time may include building up a head of steam in the sauna, to a little back and body massage, before the real fun begins. It’s a common thing for soapland girls to lather their customer up using a little liquid soap, and then wash and scrub the guy with her naked bodies!

In Japan, soaplands are famous for having some of the prettiest and most skilled staff in the local sex industry, which explains why the prices are much steeper than the other sex joints, as the price typically starts at ¥50,000/hour! And of course, the ladies there will likely look as hot and lovely as your favourite Asian Escorts Sydney!

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