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Binge-Watching Can Seriously Affect Your Sexual & Mental Health

If there’s one thing bad to attribute to the evolution of Netflix and other services that offer endless, and updated, streams of TV shows and movies, is that binge-watching can seriously your sexual and mental health!  According to new research, on average after the past two decades there has been a major decrease in how often people say they have sex, and apparently binge-watching TV shows (or watching more than 4 episodes in one sitting) may be to blame!

Private Asian GirlsBeing Constantly Connected to the TV Can Eat Up on Your Free Time

If binge-watching on your favourite TV shows like The Game of Thrones, Westworld or some other TV show (or movie) is affecting how often you hook up with your girlfriend, or the lovely Australia Asian Girls, then perhaps you should refrain from watching TV for the mean time!

According to researchers, there is a theory that a Netflix marathon could be impacting on your sex life, and this revolves around the very simple idea that being constantly connected to the TV or other tech devices can eat into the free time that you might have otherwise spent having sex.

Back in the old days when the TV and mobile industry weren’t as big as now, most people would have switched off their phones or TV’s at 10:30 pm, and have nothing else to do but have sex. Today however, we can sit and watch our favourite TV shows all night long if we wanted to.

Binge-Watching TV Shows Results in Less Sleep Too

Here’s another good reason why binge-watching TV shows late at night is bad for your sexual prowess and mental health, because it results in less sleep, and less sleep results in less sexual arousal among men and women.

And why are more people valuing, and prioritizing, binge-watching sessions over sex? Well, it’s because we live in a world full of instant gratification, whether that be gratification from online dating apps, social networking sites like Facebook, or by simply watching an entire TV series in one sitting.

And in the UK for example, “watching TV” is ranked as the third most popular activity in the average individual’s day, with sleeping and working coming first and second. And what about sex?  Well, it doesn’t even bag a spot in the top five.

So before binge-watching your favourite TV show starts wrecking your sex life, perhaps it would be better to refrain from watching TV at night, and instead spend more time in bed with your girlfriend, or with your preferred Private Asian Escorts!

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