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Friends with Benefits

Relationships, whether they’re serious or just plain platonic, have their sets of risks. However, the risks go higher whenever you dive into a “friends with benefits” (FWB) setup. But what’s so surprising is that FWB setups are the rage today, despite all the health and emotional risks involved! Here are a couple of helpful tips on how to handle a friends-with-benefits setup.

Perth Asian EscortMake Sure You’re Already Friends
To make things less complex and daunting, it would be better to enter into a FWB setup with a friend, or someone you’re already accustomed to seeing and being around already! Or if you don’t want to endure the hassles, why don’t you settle for a quick and easy “girlfriend experience” with the lovely Private Asian Girls!

And since an FWB setup is all about sex, you need to be with someone that you’re truly comfortable with. And of course, the friendship also has to be strong so it can handle the stresses of being sexually involved.

Be Honest, and Open About Everything
For an FWB setup to work, both “partners” need to ensure that they are honest about everything and anything. This means that both should quickly open up if any feelings start to develop, or if one of them wants the setup to end.

And since the main point of a friends-with-benefits relationship is to have great sex, each individual should be honest about what they like, and what they don’t like. And of course, they should savour every moment they enjoy in bed!

Don’t Sleep Over and Engage In Post-Coital Cuddling
While it’s okay to sleep over a hook-up buddy for the night, what’s not good is that sleepovers can lead to a lot of extra cuddling, which some say may led to the development of feelings. Thus, if you want things to be purely sexual in nature, don’t do any cuddling for the moment.

Do Not Get Too Clingy
Again, if you’re in a FWB setup or “relationship” you should not act or think like the other person’s your romantic partner! This means that you shouldn’t leave your tooth brush, razor, toiletries or other items at her place, and please don’t regularly give her gifts too!

Keep in mind that what you’re entering is a friendship, and not a relationship. So, please don’t do anything that you’d normally do in a serious relationship. And of course, don’t do anything that resembles a date!

But if a friends-with-benefits thing sounds too complex, and too tough to maintain for you, why not go the easy way, by having a fun, hassle-free and erotically-charged “girlfriend experience” with the lovely Private Asian Girls!

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