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You turn up at her doorstep and you find her wearing only her bra and panties beneath the long robe. She greets you with a long lingering kiss while you keep your hands busy, giving here soft breasts erotic squeezes.

She prepares a surprise for you, pointing to a massage table and says “We can do some really great stuff on that.” You can hardly wait for the surprise and you find yourself slipping off her robe and unhooking her bra. She then lowers her hands and starts caressing the enormous bulge between your legs. Quickly, you remove her panties and in no time, tease her pussy with your finger. As you can’t resist it any more, you bury your face in her moist cunt and flick your hot tongue from side to side.

She leads you to the table and has you lying on your back, removing all your clothing straight away. She stares at your erected mast extending upwards. She then climbs over you and positions herself so that her dripping wet pussy is right over your mouth. You get a taste of her fragrant juices but then she moves away and draws out the surprise. A dildo!

She asks you to turn it on and play with it around her clit. With the toy’s soft buzzing, she gets more and more excited and you feel her cumming. The sight likewise makes you feel all the more heated up then, in one quick action, she swallows your hardened shaft. You couldn’t hold it anymore and you cum in her mouth.

Then, it was her turn to lie down on the table. You suck her erect nipples hard while your fingers run the contours of her breasts. With her legs now hanging over the edge, you slide lower to nibble on her rosy opening. Your hard dick throbs once more and then with one forceful move, you thrust it into her hungry pussy.

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