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When it comes to SEX, obviously, men and women have something in common – a mindset that have deceived and misled most of us. What is it? It’s actually the mentality that the only purpose of sex is to experience orgasms.

For most, it’s the main goal, then main objective, and what it’s really meant for. But, for the sex goddesses of Melbourne escorts, it’s not the real thing. It’s not the inner core of what this “kingdom of pleasure” really means.

Because the truth is, sexual intercourse encompasses a broad scope of significant factors that each partner should never forget – not just the god-damn sex alone! What are those? The BASICS.

Here are 3 basic things you need to know: (The luxurious vixens also gave some of their opinions.)

Private Asian Girls1. Kissing is Emotional

“Hey! We’re not robots here!”

Put in your mind that kissing is not just a physical act, indeed, it’s emotional. You have to put not just your lips on their lips! Why don’t you make it embedded with your emotions? Remember, you’re not a robot. So, be mindful with what your kissing partner is doing. Feel it!

“I always get turned on whenever a guy kisses me softly at the start, then slowly mixing up with some tongue manoeuvres as he feels my rhythm suit with his. For some it may be boring, but it really pleases me. If he sustains it, and gradually elevates it to a more intense pattern, expect me to get wet.” – Wetty

2. Hooking-Up means Grooming Up

“Cleanliness means clean.”

This is all about proper hygiene before hooking up. Indeed, it’s been a “mantra” for us since our childhood days, not just in every hooking up sessions. If you’re not into this practice, say goodbye to the lovely seductive ladies!

“I love being clean! So, when a guy doesn’t seem to look well-groomed especially in our first met, it’s kind of a turn off. But if he got that awesome looks from head to toe, oh my god! I wanna get laid right then!” – Groomy lass

3. Sex includes FEELINGS

“No feeling means boring.”

Women love to be caressed. But take note, they can easily detect if you’re being authentic or not. How? Simple, the way you display your emotions will tell how. Hence, before you ram her wet pussy, give her more touches, intimate hugs, emotional kisses, and the ultimate foreplay! Give her what she wants.

“I want a guy who can bring out my sexual fantasies. He doesn’t need to be an expert. I just want him to display those feelings. It really makes me turn on when he shows that sex isn’t just the thing.” – Emy Vixen


If you know the basics, that’s great buddy! Book any of the gorgeous Melbourne escorts. View the galleries now.

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