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More Pleasure with an Erotic 3-Way

Threesomes are a touchy subject – for some, it’s something they’d like to experience; for others, it’s an awkward sort of undertaking. Even if more and more people are open to that kind of experimenting, something can still go awry. With the ladies featured in the gallery at Asian Escorts Melbourne, though, there’s no risk that this will happen.

It was a highly arousing scene – two hot babes, their hands exploring each other’s bodies, mouths moving together, their sexy moans when fingers found just the right place to stroke and tease. Meanwhile, I was stroking myself, just enough to make sure I was still hard when I joined in on the fun.

Soon, the blonde beauty – the friend of the lovely dark-haired woman I usually engaged – had her fingers wrapped around my shaft, squeezing gently and teasing the tip with her tongue.

I watched for just a while because, the next moment, her companion had straddled me, sleek thighs on either side of my head, her pussy already glistening with her juices. I settled my hands on her ass, pulling her closer for me to go down on her better.

“Oh god, I love it when you do that…” she moaned, rocking her hips towards me when I stroked one of her sweet spots. This wasn’t the first time I’d engaged her, but it was the first time I ‘invited’ her friend along, too.

So far, it was more than ‘good’. Soft, warm lips caressed every inch of my dick – it didn’t matter that the condom was on already; I could still feel what she was doing. Then, suddenly, her moans as she lowered herself onto my dick, the slick tightness of her cunt a welcome surprise.

I groaned, felt fingers pulling my head closer to this sweet and musky-smelling flower. “More… oh, more…” came her urging. The other babe quickened her pace, inner muscles clenched, released, massaging my dick and pushing me closer to the edge.

One thing was for sure – I would not forget this night.

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