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Obeying Your Mistress – A Private Asian Girls Story

We both entered in a dimmed-lit hotel room. “Sit!” I said. I knew in an instant he was turned on by my sudden command. “I’m your mistress now.” BDSM was one of my popular escort services. My clients just love it, and they keep on coming back for more.

My voice firm and cold, I looked at him with strict eyes. He waited silently for my next command, his eyes begging for mercy. “You know you’ll be punished for being a bad boy.” His eyes widened to the statement, showing both his excitement and fear. Asian Escorts Sydney are simply good at this type of sexual play.

Private Asian GirlsA slap echoed in the room. “Slut,” I said, “where were you last night?” I moved closer to his body with my lips inches away from his face. I could tell he was craving for a kiss. “I’m sorry my mistress” he whimpered. I bit and sucked his lips. “Strip!” I commanded.

As I stood there watching, he slowly undressed, and I was starting to get horny too. He couldn’t keep his eyes away from me, my curves showing through the bodysuit leather I was wearing. The swell of breasts shaped nicely, and my erect nipples teasingly arousing him.

He couldn’t be more excited for what was about to happen. “Lie down you slut,” I icily remarked. He does so, willingly, as I tied his feet and arms to each bed post. I slipped between his legs, touched his private part, and felt how hard he became. My pussy was getting wetter now. “Mistress…” he moaned.

Look at you, so eager” I mocked. I grabbed her large cock and forced it fully into my mouth. He let out a moan again, louder this time. I was now dripping wet so I unzipped my leather suit, revealing my D-cup breasts and my wet pussy. His eyes grew wider with excitement.

The heat of desire was in the atmosphere. I traced the tickler from his neck, chest, abs, down to his inner thighs. His cock solid hard, I lowered by hips, let his hardness enter me deeply, and straddled my way to pleasure. “More mistress” he begged as he closed his eyes to the addictive feeling.

I was in a cloud of ecstasy, knowing his large cock inside me. “Tell me how much you enjoy it slut” I moaned out, feeling my orgasm building up. “I love how you fuck me mistress” he answers, then mutters “I’m cumming mistress,” and he did with a few more thrusts.

He spurted out his white, hot cum as I pulled away panting. I watched the last spurt drip out of his cock and licked it. He looked at me with a satisfied expression. I smiled knowing that the play was over, untied him and kissed him on the lips. Another happy client, I thought to myself.

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