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Private Asian Girls – 3 Myths about Orgasms That People Should Not Believe In

What’s the truth about orgasms, and what’s not real about it? Well, I’m sure everyone would agree that getting an orgasm is something really refreshing and exciting. And each year, countless number of studies has proved the physical, emotional and psychological benefits of sex and orgasms. However, there are a couple of myths about orgasms that, sadly, many guys and girls still believe even up to this day. Here’s a look at a few myths about orgasms that people should not believe, and accept as factual.

Private Asian GirlsMyth: Condoms Make it Hard for Women to Achieve Orgasm

Here’s one myth about orgasms that even your hookup partners, as well as your favourite Private Asian Girls would be laughing their butts off. The truth is that while standard condoms may deprive a man of experiencing maximum sexual pleasure, there’s no concrete evidence to support the assertion that condoms prevent or extend the time it takes for a woman to orgasm!

In fact, women can even have orgasms without any physical stimulation. An extra-genital orgasm is an orgasm brought upon by no physical contact with the body, and although these types of orgasms could be brought about by fantasizing, or even abruptly by going about normal daily tasks!

Myth: Aging Reduces a Guy or Girl’s Chances of Having an Orgasm

The truth is that women actually experience better orgasms with age, due to built-up trust, confidence, comfort and intimacy. In a very recent survey, around 70% of women in their 50s claimed that they had an orgasm the last time they had sex.

The survey also revealed that the older you are, the more familiar you will be with your body’s actions, reactions and pleasure points.  And while it is true that many women have problems reaching an orgasm through vaginal intercourse alone, they could actually correct this by engaging in better foreplay with their male partners, as well as by using sex toys like vibrators!

Myth: Experiencing Multiple Orgasms is Very Rare

While yes experiencing simultaneous orgasms, or having orgasms at the exact same time with your partner is indeed rare, the truth is that over half of women respondents in a recent survey have experienced multiple orgasms.

In fact, this feat is often achieved by women in their 40s, 50s and 60s, due to the fact that they tend to be more relaxed during their lovemaking sessions! And another concrete fact is that people are more likely to orgasm with a long-term partner! But who says you can’t enjoy a complete erotic experience, even if you’re single? All you need to do is contact the hot and alluring Private Asian Girls!

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