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Private Asian Girls | 3 Things You May Not Know About HPV

If you think that the only sexually-transmitted infection you should worry the most is HIV/AIDS, well here’s one that you should be very wary of too, and it’s called the human papillomavirus or HPV! In 2017, HPV garnered news headlines when close to half of adults in the US were found to have this sexually-transmitted viral infection. To ensure that you steer clear of HPV, here’s a look at 3 things that you may not know about it.

Smoking Raises Your Risk of HPV-Related Cancer
If you truly care for your girlfriend, or your favourite Private Asian Girls welfare, and wellness, perhaps you should stop smoking now, because smoking actually raises your risk of HPV-related cancer!

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Health experts say that smoking weakens the immune system, which can allow HPV to grow more rampantly. Thus, once you kick the habit, you effectively prevent HPV infection from turning into a precancerous or cancerous growth!

The HPV Vaccine Isn’t Just For Women
A study published in the June 2017 issue of JAMA Oncology also found out that around 45% of US men ages 18 to 19 have genital HPV infections, and in women the prevalence is around 40%, according to the Centres of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Thus, it goes to show that the HPV vaccine isn’t just for women, because the vaccine not only provides women with nearly 100% protection against cervical cancers caused by HPV types 16 and 18, but it also provides direct health benefits for the guys, including the prevention of genital warts.

Condoms Can’t Completely Protect You From HPV
While condoms can certainly reduce the risk of HPV infections, they cannot entirely eliminate it. Why? Because the virus can live in the scrotum and the hair-bearing areas of the genitals. Thus, any foreplay that involves skin-to-skin genital contact can transmit the virus.

But then again, I didn’t say that you should forego wearing condoms, because your girlfriend, or the lovely Private Asian Girls, will certainly not agree to go to bed with you if you don’t wrap up, as condoms can still protect both of you from most STI’s, along with unwanted pregnancies!

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