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Private Asian Girls – 3 Things You Need To Do To Ensure Her Orgasm

According to Private Asian Girls, one of the most important lessons you need to learn is a woman’s orgasm. The female orgasm, much like the female mind, is a complex phenomenon that is hard to understand. But pay attention to the following insider’s tutorial and you’ll soon work your way to the top of the class. Read on, buddy!

Private Asian GirlsWomen Love Multi-Tasking
No it’s not a myth. For some women, it’s possible to juggle 2-3 orgasms at once. So while it may be a road long travelled, once you get her there, you can definitely make the destination worth the journey. There are two types of multiple orgasms for a woman. The one that you have the most control over is the sequential orgasm, where orgasms are separated by a 2-3 minute interval.

To encourage sequential multiple orgasm, continue to kiss and caress her after her first climax. Leave her genital region alone so that her clitoris has time to desensitise. After her breathing has slowed, start to pay her clitoris some gentle, digital attention. If she responds positively then her refractory period has passed and it may only be a few seconds before another orgasm occurs.

Your Tongue Is Key
As far as pleasing a woman is concerned, your best love muscle is in between your teeth, not your legs. Most women report achieving greater sexual pleasure, and increased likelihood to orgasm, from oral sex than from penetrative intercourse. And there’s an anatomical reason for this. Most of her sensitive nerve endings are located externally, on the clitoris and around the vaginal opening. The most important technique in delivering satisfying oral sex is for you to (at least pretend) to enjoy it. This will help rid her of the embarrassing feelings sometimes associated with this incredibly intimate act.

She Needs to Relax
As you might have known already, there are bunch of things that make women have a hard time reaching orgasm. So, as the lover, you need to help her feel relax all throughout the ride. Do so can help her be in a better position to reach her peak.
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