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Private Asian Girls – 4 “Scientific” Reasons Why Ladies With Small Boobs Have More Fun

You may find this new piece information hard to believe, but according to scientists and researchers, women with small boobs fare much better than, women with big bosoms! With the surge in augmentation procedures, and in the number of women taking birth-control pills, breast sizes have actually gotten larger in the past few years, with the average breast size going from 34B to 36C in the last 15 years. But if the lady is still an A or B cup, then she should remain happy, because science says a small chest is awesome! Here are four “scientific” reasons why ladies with small breasts are such lucky individuals.

Ladies With Small Breasts Have Less Risk Of Getting Breast Cancer

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Does your girlfriend, or favourite Private Asian Girls, have small or medium-sized breasts? Well, perhaps you should be happy for them, because according to new research, a tiny chest can help prevent breast cancer, and many doctors agree that it’s easier to detect a lump with smaller breast in self-exams, as there are fewer layers to feel through!

Girls With Smaller Breasts Can Wear Whatever They Want In Summer
One advantage that women with small breasts have other the others who have really humongous bumpers is that, they can wear whatever they want in the summer – strapless, backless, halters, tube tops and what else is there. They can even ride a bike while wearing a bikini, or jog in their sports bra, and run in the beach.

They’ll Have Much Better Posture
Health experts point out that a pair of D-cup breasts can weigh as much as 15 to 20 pounds. This explains why many big-breasted women encounter neck tension, headaches and back pain. However, women with small breasts have better, more relaxed posture, because their front isn’t weighing their bodies down!

These Ladies Feel More Pleasure In Bed
If you think porn stars or Playboy and Hustler centerfolds have more fun in bed, think again. According to researchers from the University of Vienna, large breasts are 24% less sensitive than small breasts. Smaller breasts also have less fatty tissue, which makes them easier to stimulate during foreplay!

In summary, whether your hookup partner, or lovely Private Asian Girls, has small or large boobs, what matters is how well you treat them as a person, and how much care and affection you show them!

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