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Private Asian Girls – 4 Things to Say to Get a Woman NAKED!

A friend of mine once said, “When you have a wild lustful thought, trust it!” So, as I hear those words, I was like… “What was that?! What does he imply?” Anyway, it might be vague for me that time, but after some erotic adventures, that IDEA eventually came to light!

These erotic journeys that I’m referring to are my experiences with some of the most bewitching sex goddesses of Private Asian Girls. I’ve been hanging out with them a lot, and to tell you honestly, they are all awesome – all of them!

So, what did I learn? It’s realising that there are exact provoking WORDS to say to make a woman NAKED! Scroll down.

Private Asian Girls1. “Everything about YOU absolutely turns me on!”

You probably think that this line is totally outdated. Well, you might be correct in some cases. But to tell you the truth, this statement can still ROCK!

Of course, since it’s a little bit old-fashioned, you have to modify or put something on it. This is to increase the impact of your message and also to personalise it. With this, be certain that you’ll add up any of her attributes – curves, eyes, hair, etc. But remember, make the additional spices unexpected! In this case, it won’t sound cheesy.


2. “You’re so hard to resist!”

Oops! Just another usual line? Okay, if that’s what you think, I won’t argue. But do you know how these words affect the woman? Do you have any idea that by saying this, she’ll think that she’s the only person that you find so hard to ignore?! (That’s been tested.)

So, augment the magic by letting her know that you’re not really that kind of guy, but you can’t help yourself with her charm. (Clear?) This will make her feel that you really like to do her wishes and she’s better than all the other women you’ve met.

3. “You look so hot!”

Don’t forget this! This should be your most ‘versatile line!’ Why? Because you can definitely use this in any situation whether she’s wearing a ball gown or a swimsuit, remember, you don’t have to do this always or let’s say every time you meet her, as the magic with this appears on the level of sincerity that you express to her.

It would be sexier if you tell this with a little modification. You can say it like,” Its cold in here, but you’re still so hot!” Well, saying this makes her feel absolutely desirable. Absolutely!

4. “Right now…you’re the sexiest lady in the world to me!”

This line deals more into her sensuality and seductiveness. But you might be confused why the word, “right now” has been added? Okay, let me clarify this. The truth is, those two words will make your message more sincere and will make you highlight your arousal without being too blunt and disrespectful!

Now, you already know what to say when you’re planning to get a woman naked! Just remember, use these in the right situation! Of course, you can apply these to some of the sex goddesses of Private Asian Girls. With them, pure pleasures await!

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