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Private Asian Girls – 5 Ways On How to Touch Her the Right Way

In sex, touching – regardless of the area to be touched – plays an important role. In fact, as what Private Asian Girls suggest, if it’s done properly, it’s enough to make a woman cum. Of course, that’s no moonlight and roses; hence you need to practice how touching in bed should be done. Well, speaking of which, below are some tips that will help you understand the concept of touching. More so, they can help you learn how to do it the right way.

Private Asian GirlsAlways Be Smooth

Before you start, there are some important things that you should know. Firstly, the area around a woman’s vagina is very, very sensitive – so trim your nails and check that your hands are smooth. Always make sure your hands are clean (it’s just common sense) and remove any rings. Now you’re ready to begin.

Lube Up As Much As Possible

Using your hands on your partner will feel so much better with a lubricant. Use either a water-based lubricant (an inexpensive option but can get sticky if you are playing for a long time) or a silicone lube (stays slick for longer but is not compatible with silicone sex toys). Make sure you apply a generous amount before you begin to glide your hands over your partner’s sweet spots.

Understand Your Partner’s Anatomy

It’s always nice to know your way around and that goes for the female body too. So take the time to learn about female anatomy – you’ll feel less like you are shooting in the dark that way! As a quick summary the inner labia is more sensitive than the outer labia; the G-spot is located approximately one to two inches inside the vagina on the frontal wall and the clitoris is the most sensitive spot, with six-thousand to eight-thousand nerve endings.  Don’t worry too much if you’re not 100% sure of where everything is located because you can always stop and ask for directions!

Just Start Slow

Turn your partner on slowly by teasing her. Don’t just “ram a finger in there” or go straight for the clitoris – if she’s not warmed up it’s going to be far too sensitive for that. Instead begin by stroking your fingertips over her outer labia and exploring the soft and gentle areas between the legs and labia.

Build the Intensity

Once your partner is aroused you can begin more targeted stimulation. Using the pad of your finger, move to the area just above the clitoral hood. Move your fingers in a circular motion or flutter back and forth (side to side), depending on what your partner prefers. Build this up slowly – don’t go too hard or fast right away.

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