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Private Asian Girls – Having More Tattoos Leads to More Sex, and That’s According to a Polish Study

Have you ever longed to have your arms or legs emblazoned with your favourite tattoo?  Well, perhaps you should have those tattoos done now, because according to a study done in Poland, men with tattoos are seen as more masculine by women, tattoos intimidate potential male rivals, and of course guys with tattoos also have an advantage in picking up women!

Private Asian GirlsDo Tattoos Convert Into Real Bedroom Action?

Do any of your hookup partners, or your favourite Private Asian Girls, have the hots for guys who sport tattoos in their body? Well, if majority of them say yes, then I guess it’s high time you also get yourself a tattoo!

Getting a tattoo is a big decision, and there are lots of factors to consider before a person commits to ink. But let’s face it, the main consideration is that will tattoos help you get laid, or prevent you from getting laid?

The Women Didn’t Find the Tattoos Any Attractive, Yet They Found it More Masculine

Researchers from Jagiellonian University Medical College in Poland showed 2, 369 women and 215 men various photos of tattooed and non-tattooed men, and also asked them to judge each photo in various categories.

And apart from rating their hotness, the participants were also asked to assess their masculinity, dominance, aggression and whether they were healthy, or if they made a good partner or father.

It turned out that the women didn’t find men with tattoos any more attractive than those who didn’t have them, but they did believe them to be more masculine and dominant. Interestingly, the men surveyed also found guys with tattoos more attractive, and some of them even perceive the guys with ink to be more of a threat to their chances of luring women!

However, many of the women also responded that they felt the men with tattoos would be worse partners and fathers than guys without tattoos. So before you go and get out that tattoo you’ve always pondered on, it may not be a great idea if you’re going to get them just for casual sex!

And I guess you don’t need to sport any tattoos whenever you date the hot and alluring Private Asian Girls!

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