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Private Asian Girls | More of the Weirdest Sex Laws From Around the World

If you think that the most sexually-repressive laws in the world can be found only in the Middle East (where Islam is the majority religion) or in parts of Africa, think again. In fact, some countries in Europe, and even a couple of US states, have sex laws that are nothing but pure hogwash! Here are more of the weirdest and most bizarre sex laws from around the world.

India’s Outdated Obscenity Laws

Perhaps after reading this segment, you’d be so glad you live in the Land Down Under, because the sex laws in your home state are not as obtrusive, or as overreaching, as that in India, and you’re still able to continue dating the hot and alluring Private Asian Girls!

Private Asian Girls

According to Section 292 of the Indian Penal Code, which covers the sale of sex toys, anyone who distributes or sells anything that is defined as “obscene” faces a penalty of two to five years in prison! The Indian law lists “obscene” items like books, drawings, paintings and any figure or object that appeals to an individual’s sleazy interests!

In Georgia, You Need a Doctor’s Permission to Use a Dildo

While it’s definitely illegal in the US state of Georgia to walk into a  nightclub with a gun, well it’s also illegal to use a dildo for some good alone time, unless you’ve already asked permission from your doctor!

The local law says that the use of a dildo “must be authentically for medical, scientific, educational, legislative, judicial or law-enforcement purposes! Now isn’t this nothing but total b_llshit!

Texas City Outlaws the Possession of Realistic Dildos

And as if the law in the US state of Georgia isn’t already that absurd, the city of Dallas, Texas has also proven that they still belong to the Stone Age, because they have a local law which outlaws the possession of “realistic” dildos!

While the Dallas law does not go much into details or explain what they deem to be “realistic”, I guess it would be safer for ladies in Texas to stick to “unrealistic” sex toys! Thank goodness there’s no law in your part of town which says you can’t date the hot and sexy Private Asian Girls!

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