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Private Asian Girls – Sex Secrets About Women That Most Guys Don’t Know

There are certain things in life that you should know, and should not know. That’s what most life coaches and so-called experts say when discussing sensitive issues like work, relationships, or even sex! And just when most guys think that they already know the deepest, darkest sex secrets of women, here’s a look at a few of the erotic secrets about women that most dudes don’t know, and don’t have any idea of.

Women Aren’t as Funny as Men

Here’s one hush-hush secret sex about women that your hookup partners, and even your favourite Private Asian Girls, would meet with disdain, because it says that women aren’t as funny as men!

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But before any lady says that this piece is all macho, male-centric crap, one popular psychologist says that to be really funny demands a certain level of clownishness and sloppiness that a woman’s grace just does not allow! And when it comes to sex, one orgasm is usually enough for women!

Women Are Aware of About 10% of the Things Men Think and Say

While most ladies would say that they know virtually everything a guy thinks and says, an unnamed sex expert (who fears being loathed and harassed by women of course) says that ladies only know a fraction of what a dude thinks or says. Some guys even wished that the ladies only knew 5% of what guys think!

Women Will Smell and Re-Smell Scented-Candle Displays at Stores

If you love taking your girlfriend or mistress for a walk at the mall or neighbourhood shops, perhaps you didn’t notice that they have gotten so picky and peculiar, so much that they will smell every bottle of perfume or cologne on display, and will also re-smell every scented-candle display at stores. So before going to bed with any lady out there, make sure you take a full bath!

And of course, apart from loving shopping (and window shopping too), most women also love to be taken out to eat. Who on earth would never take his girl out for lunch or dinner? Perhaps you even love taking the lovely Private Asian Girls for dinner, or for a few drinks?

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