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Private Asian Girls | Sexual Fetishes That Border Between The Illogical & Insane

Sex, just like any other activity, can either be pleasurable, or outright absurd. While the conventional sexual practises are often referred to as “vanilla” sex, the more extreme, or outlandish ones, are called “paraphilias”, which is a condition characterised by abnormal sexual desires that usually involve extreme or dangerous activities. Here’s an mind-boggling look at a few of the sexual fetishes and practices that border between the illogical, and insane.

Private Asian GirlsBiastophilia
Have you ever raped an unwilling partner? Well, if you ever did, perhaps you’d either be dead by now, or in jail! If you’ve fantasised about raping an unwilling partner, and the ensuing screaming, struggling (and shoving or punching) turns you on, then you could be someone who practices “biastophilia”! But hey, why don’t you have a sane, sensual and satisfying girlfriend experience with the lovely and sexy Private Asian Girls instead?

And while some couples act out rape fantasies if only to enhance their erotic experience, the biastophiliacs up the ante, and makes it more violent, if not bloody. Robert Leroy Anderson is one of history’s most notorious serial rapists, and he was infamous for sexually torturing his victims with duct tape, dildos, eye-bolts and burning candles, as well as through anal sex.

If you have a mysterious desire or fascination for feces, or shall we say “poop”, then you have coprophilia, or scatophilia! Well if you ask the people on the street who are familiar with this behaviour, perhaps they’ll tell you that it’s also called “hardsports”, “scat spray” or “brown showers”!

The term is derived from two Greek words, “kopros” (which means excrement) and “philia” (which means liking or fondness), and it’s defined as a paraphilia involving sexual arousal and pleasure from seeing, or playing with feces. However, this practise is different from “coprophagia” which means eating feces.

Do you have the hots for women, or men, who lost an arm, leg or torso? (And you find them so sexy?) You could be an “apotemnophiliac” (now that’s a real nasty term!). An apotemnophiliac does not find losing an arm or a leg a traumatic experience, but instead they find it sexually arousing. In fact, police have even reportedly arrested people who went as far as dismembering healthy limbs, just to achieve an orgasm. Now isn’t this so twisted?

If you love cars, motorcycles, trucks and other types of machinery, you could either be an auto enthusiast, or a “mechanophiliac”! Mechanophilia refers to a twisted sexual, erotic attraction to any type of mechanical object, whether it’s a car, motorcycle, airplane, trailer truck or even a helicopter or ship!

A mechanophiliac generally finds the feel, colour, smell or texture of the motor vehicle or machinery sexually stimulating, and they could even have sex with it!

In the US, a guy named Robert Stewart was placed on the list of sexual offenders after he was caught trying to have sex with his bicycle. A bloke named Karl Watkins was also arrested in 1993, for literally having sex with a – wait for it – a pavement! Thank goodness you’re not as twisted as them, and you could easily call the hot and sexy Private Asian Girls!

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