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Private Asian Girls – Shocking Facts & Details About “Sexual Anorexia”

Most, if not all of us, often associated the word or term “anorexia” with eating disorders, which are characterised by a low weight, fear of gaining weight, or a strong desire to be thin, and an aversion to food. But don’t you know that anorexia can also happen in a sexual context? Here are a couple of shocking facts and details about “sexual anorexia”.

It’s A Pathological Loss Of Appetite For Romantic-Sexual Attraction
Have you ever felt so averse to sex? Or do you feel anxious and uncomfortable with aspects surrounding sexual activity and emotions? Perhaps all you need is a refreshing girlfriend experience with the lovely and sexy Private Asian Girls!

Private Asian GirlsJoking aside, sexual anorexia is referred to as “ a pathological loss of appetite for romantic and sexual attraction, which is often the result of a fear to intimacy to the point that the person has severe anxiety surrounding sexual activity and emotional aspects like an intimate relationship”.

What’s surprising is that the people who seem okay, and often go to strip clubs, mingle with prostitutes or regularly check out cyberporn websites, can fit the definition of a sexual anorexic because they seem to lack the ability to have a relationship of a sexual nature, beyond a paid-for or anonymous experience!

When Was The Concept Discovered Or Invented?
The idea or concept of sexual anorexia was believed to be first used or mentioned by a psychologist named Nathan Hare in 1975, in an unpublished dissertation that he submitted for a Phd at the famous California School of Professional Psychology in San Francisco, California.

A popular and nationally-syndicated US columnist named Ellen Goodman also wrote about a psychiatrist named Sylvia Kaplan’s use of the term in 1981, and this was noted in the editor’s notes in the journal Black Male/Female Relationships. From then on, the term has been widely used, and discussed, in both academic and social circles.

How Do You Treat This Condition?
Sexual anorexics are also suspected of having a social phobia and they could be more fragile emotionally, of which the risk of rejection or criticism is far more daunting and frightening than being isolated. Sexual anorexics and sex addicts also share one common trait, and that is their extreme narcissism.

The best way to treat this condition would be to see a counsellor or mental health expert, as he or she can help the patient devise a treatment plan that is aimed at helping the individual see where their fears and anxieties lie, and to enable them to see the world in less black-and-white terms.

The treatment plan will also help sexual anorexics learn to take calculated risks with social activities, and learn to have healthy sex, and get their emotional needs met in direct ways. But then again if you’re a perfectly normal individual, perhaps it would be extra helpful if you indulge in a healthy girlfriend experience with the lovely and sultry Private Asian Girls!

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