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Private Asian Girls | Tasty, Tempting Facts & Figures About “Beer Goggles”

If you’re on a romantic date, or just on the prowl for casual sex, how do you help “break the ice” on the first date? Well, why don’t you hit the booze?! And once you’ve downed one too many bottles already, perhaps you’ll feel a bit queasy, and light-headed, as well as get some “beer goggles” too! Let’s look at a couple of tasty, tempting and real-world facts about beer goggles.

Private Asian GirlsAlcohol Makes the Person You’re Dating Seem More Attractive

Have you ever tried drinking beer or whisky with your hookup partners, or even with your lovely and affable Private Asian Girls? Well, I guess you don’t need to get drunk first to know that these ladies are definitely so hot and attractive!

According to a recent survey, three quarters of women, and 84% of men said that alcohol made someone they had not at first fancied seem more attractive. Around 86% of women too said that they were more likely to sleep with a man on a date if alcohol was involved.

Beer Goggles Are Not to Blame for Your Drunken Romantic Disasters Though

Although drinking beer or other alcoholic drinks can make someone you not at first fancied look more dashing or gorgeous, beer goggles should not be blamed or your drunken romantic disasters, and that’s according to more new research!

The study, which was done in Switzerland, found that after drinking, boys and girls get more social, happy and less shy about sex. The research participants were shown sexually-explicit images, and those who drank alcohol had less sexual inhibitions, particularly the women.

And while the alcohol intake gave most guys and girls a boost in positive behaviour, and it reduced their sexual inhibitions too, the study participants also added that they were more attracted to happy faces and social situations. And they weren’t any more sexually aroused by their alcohol intake!

The downside with beer goggles however, is that while 2/3 of men who had beer goggle sex, most of them had not seen the woman for a second date, and 86% of women surveyed also said that they had not seen the man for a further date too!

But if you’re dating the lovely and alluring Private Asian Girls, you won’t need to drink a lot and get those beer goggles, because these ladies are truly lovely, and are sure to give you the best girlfriend experience ever!

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