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Private Asian Girls – The 4 Rules of Picking Up Women

Before you can even ask her to come visit you at your flat, you need to earn her trust. Basically, the key is to pick her up the right way, according to Private Asian Girls. But of course, it’s not that really easy, so you really need to master it.

Private Asian GirlsWell, to keep you going, here are the 4 rules to picking up a woman the correct way. Read on so you’ll learn.

Be Mentally Ready All the Time

There are attractive women all around you — at the supermarket or waiting on you at a clothing store, in line at the bank, on the street. In fact, experts at picking up get more than half of them in such random places. Simply put, the location doesn’t matter. What matters is your mentality to pick up a woman. Are you mentally ready enough to pick her up? Do you know exactly what do? Otherwise, you’ll end up a laughingstock.

Pickup Lines Are “Meh”

Pickup lines smell bad and make women groan, not moan. Let the situation dictate your approach. To seem — and actually be — spontaneous, commenting on something she’s wearing or has been doing can work. Anticipate her possible reactions and how you will follow up to put your mind at ease. You will get much faster at this with practice. And have some open-ended (“how” and “why”) questions ready. Remember: Most people consider the best conversationalists the best listeners.

Rejection Is Really Okay

What do you have to lose by being turned down? A little pride, and after it happens a few times (because nobody bats 1,000), not even that. Suck it up. If you go into a pickup fearing rejection, that’s what you’ll project, and that’s what you’ll get. Be less attached to the result. Imagine that you’re just approaching this woman to have a conversation, not to bang her. If it goes further than conversation, consider it a bonus. A warm smile and a few quick jokes will show your best side, and warm her up to you that much quicker.

Read Her Body Language

There are many different signs and subtleties depending on the situation. Just remember that, like you, if she fidgets or taps things, she’s nervous in an uncomfortable — i.e. potentially uninterested — way. If she licks her lips (consciously or not), runs her hands through or shakes out her hair, or, plays with her earlobe, she’s sending you buying signals.

Alright, it’s time to put these tricks into action. Try them on your way to wherever you’re going to be. And oh, if you want to bring up sex to the table, you can always ask the help of Private Asian Girls. Give them a call now!

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