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Private Asian Girls | The Health, Wellness & Career Perks of Having a Lot of Sex

Who says that the phrase “anything done in excess is bad for you” is always correct? I guess this notion should not apply to sex, because according to a new study conducted by Oregon State University in the US, sex makes work better, and it does so equally for men and women! Here’s a quick look at the health and wellness perks of having lots and lots of hot sex.

Being in a Better (and Hornier) Mood Leads to More Job Satisfaction

Who says that going out more often with the lovely and alluring Private Asian Girls is bad for your wealth and overall mood?  According to Oregon State University researchers, who asked 159 married couples to fill out surveys, those who had sex reported better moods the next day at work, and the effects of which appeared to last a full 24 hours!

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And being in a better mood (due to the previous night’s sexual romp) also led to more reported engagement with co-workers, as well as led to better satisfaction on the job. The researchers further added that making a more intentional effort to maintain a healthy sex life should be considered an issue of human sustainability, and as a result, a potential career advantage!

More Sex Leads to a Healthy Brain

In a recent study conducted among young women aged from 18 to 29, it was noted that those who more frequently had penetrative sex were better at remembering words, places and people than those who didn’t.

The study authors also believed that because sex helps stimulate the growth of new brain cells in the memory-storing hippocampus, sex certainly gives short-term memory a major boost! Regular sex has also been linked to lower stress levels, and is related to higher oxytocin levels.  Sex is also linked to longevity, which gives everyone more time to have fulfilling (and high-paying) jobs and partake in fulfilling sex!

A Lot of Sex Can Boost the Immune System

Researchers have also confirmed that weekly sex has been linked to higher levels of immunoglobulin A in saliva, which helps the body ward off cold viruses, even if having more sex would seem to indicate a greater risk of spreading seasonal bugs like colds and flu!

And of course, more sex has also been linked to looking younger and fuller, and in giving the individual a healthy dose of vanity! So, who says that frequently dating the lovely Private Asian Girls is bad for your health?

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