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Private Asian Girls | The Juiciest, & Raciest Movie Masturbation Scenes Of All Time

Whether you like action movies, or steamy drama, the movies you’ll watch will most likely be peppered with one, two or more sex (or sexy) scenes. But have you ever seen a movie where the main stars jerked themselves off, in a flood of ecstasy? In cased you missed them, here a couple of really juicy and racy movie masturbation scenes, which should give you enough reason to stay at home, and do a sleazy Netflix marathon!

Private Asian GirlsAmerican Pie
Got nothing to do tonight? Well, you could go on a movie marathon with anyone, including the pretty and sexy Private Asian Girls, and watch stuff like, American Pie! This 1999 movie deals with the most eagerly anticipated, and most humiliating, rite of adulthood, and that’s losing one’s virginity!

The movie definitely contains lots of racy scenes, and of course there are scenes where the actors like Jason Biggs, are caught masturbating into a sock, or an apple pie, and even mistakenly using super glue for lube! You’ll definitely find lots of self-pleasuring (and self-deprecating) scenes in this movie.

If you’re looking for movies that deal with submission and domination, but is done in a rather sexy and extra sleazy way, then watch Maggie Gyllenhaal’s portrayal of a submissive secretary in the movie, “Secretary”!

There’s one scene in the movie where Maggie administers a menage a moi with a bathroom stall, and she does it again in bed while fantasising about her dominating boss (played by James Spader). Working in the office has never been this hot!

Created by the producers of the thriller I Know What You Did Last Summer, Slackers is 2002 sex comedy which talks about three college roommates named Dave, Sam and Jeff who scheme their way through college. However, when a nerd named Ethan spots Dave stealing test questions, he threatens to turn the three in, unless they hatch a plan to hook Ethan with a sexy and popular college girl named Angela.

The plan however unravels when Dave and Angela start to fall in love, and Ethan is forced to up the ante, just to win her back! You should never miss the scene where Angela (played by Laura Prepon) gets kinky with a large dildo on the couch!

But I’m A Cheerleader
This 1999 romantic comedy film stars Natasha Lyonne as Megan Bloomfield, a high school cheerleader who is sent by her parents to a in-patient therapy camp to cure her lesbianism.

However, Megan develops a crush on one of the therapy camp’s patients, and this leads to an occasion where Megan ecstatically rubs over her partner’s underpants! This racy scene was actually reduced by movie censors, because the MPAA or Motion Picture Association of America ratings board called it “gratuitous”!

Black Swan
Have you ever seen Natalie Portman playing the role of a dark, shady character? Well, see her in the 2010 movie called Black Swan! The film stars Ms. Portman as well as Mila Kunis, Vincent Cassel and Winona Ryder, and the plot revolves around a production of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, by a New York City ballet company.

The film contains a number of sex scenes, but there’s one graphic masturbation scene in which Ms. Portman’s character, Nina, is nearly caught by her mother in the middle of self-pleasure. This film should be included in your next Netflix marathon, and of course please tag along your girlfriend, or the lovely Private Asian Girls, when watching this!

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