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Private Asian Girls – The Naive Neophyte’s Guide to Performing Edging

Perhaps you’ve already tried doing stuff like bondage, threesomes, and other unique stuff in bed. But have you ever tried doing something as tense and exciting as – edging? Wait, edge what? Nope, you are not going over the edge of a cliff or building, and do some stupid balancing act of sorts. Instead, you’ll actually be bringing yourself close to orgasm, then stopping, and bringing yourself back to the “pre-excitement’ stage again! Here’s the naive neophyte’s guide to performing edging.

Private Asian GirlsHow’s It Done?

Have you ever done edging with your girlfriend, or even with your preferred Private Asian Girls before? Or perhaps if you’ve never done it, perhaps you may have tried discussing it with them before. Well, according to sex experts edging is a sexual process which involves bringing yourself very close to orgasm, but stopping before you “cum”, or ejaculate. Edging is usually done in sessions which last for an estimated 20 minutes, in order to prevent you from ejaculating numerous times.

What Are The Perks Of Edging?

Many sex experts, including those who have done edging before, agree that teaching yourself to control your orgasm, or when you ejaculate, can be a very beneficial skill that will enhance your sex life. For starters, one of the verified perks of edging includes enhanced sexual stamina, as learning how to control when you ejaculate allows you to stay in the sexual plateau phase for a much longer time.

Second, edging also raises your chances of bringing your bedroom partner to orgasm, since women usually take a little longer to climax than men. Third, edging intensifies the sensations of climaxing, and it boosts semen output too, as well as semen power and distance!

And if you think you’re falling prey to premature ejaculation, perhaps it’s high time you learn how to control  when your orgasm, by doing edging! Finally, edging allows guys to experience multiple orgasms, and it promotes blood flow too, as well as improves recovery time and erection quality.

So how do you do edging? Well first stimulate yourself (you know how to do that!). Well, lubricate your shaft and slowly stroke at the beginning of the base, and move toward the top. Next, literally stop what you’re doing, but when you feel like you’re near the explosion stage, move your hand down the shaft of your penis, and bring yourself down a few levels.

Next, climb up the arousal level again, by stimulating yourself, and then finally shut it down, by literally stopping what you’re doing! If you want to make edging more fun and exciting, perhaps you could do it with your hookup partners, or maybe with your favourite Private Asian Girls.

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