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Private Asian Girls – Top 5 Secrets to Feeling Bigger Inside Her

Sometimes, you’re proud with that package between your legs. Other times, however, you feel less than adequate and need some reassuring that you’re still man enough. The ladies featured on the pages of Private Asian Girls all agree that it isn’t size that matters, but what you do with it in bed.

Despite that, worrying about penis size is something all men have in common. So here are some positions to help you hit all her sweet spots and have truly explosive sex.

Private Asian Girls1. Upright doggy. You may or may not know that taking her from behind is guaranteed to hit her G-spot each time. For this variation, you’ll want your partner to stand up, then bend from her waist. She’ll then prop herself up on her elbow, using the bed or a table for support. Angle your thrusts downward when you enter her, and pump and grind away.

2. Spooning. Usually, this position is left for post-sex cuddling, but it works just as well for the main event. Since your girl’s legs will be closer together, this will create more friction for you both when you enter. If you feel your manhood doesn’t quite measure up, this is a good idea.

Grind rather than thrust so you don’t accidentally pop out, and you’ll draw out the session and experience a truly orgasmic release.

3. Scissor. Have her raise one of her legs and rest it on your shoulder, the other leg stretched out. One of your legs should be between her knees and the other one on the outside of her flat leg. Her vagina will be shorter thanks to her raised leg, and your thrusts will feel deeper, too. The heightened pleasure will have her wanting more.

4. Low lotus. Ask your partner to lie down, but draw her knees up to her chest; make it more sexy and erotic by throwing both legs over your shoulders. You get to go deeper and you’re also up close and personal, giving her the added stimulation she needs.

5. Eagle. She’s lying down while you hold your girl’s legs up in the air, which means you have to enter her from a kneeling position. You’ll have no trouble hammering her G-spot in this pose.

Experience first-hand how your package can drive that lovely vixen wild; check out the gallery at Private Asian Girls and find your perfect pleasure partner now!

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