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Every little bit helps, or so the saying goes. When it comes to time in the sack, even the slightest change can make a big difference in the experience for both parties. The lovely babes at Adelaide Escort Girls know this very well, and they’ve seen it work themselves.

Asian Escorts AdelaideThis wasn’t the first time the handsome, middle-aged man had engaged me for a weekend out – I knew he worked too hard sometimes, and he needed time to recharge. Besides, he was a pleasure to be with – in more ways than one.

Warm hands now stroked my sides, his hot breath at my neck. I tilted my head back, exposing more of my throat, while rubbing a foot against his calf. I could feel his dick through his pants, through my skirt, although he was doing his best to tug the fabric up so he could get at my panties.

I dropped a hand down to his pants, tugging the zip down at the same time. The next moment, I had his cock out and was gently rubbing the shaft. In the next breath, he’d reached under my top, undid my bra and was now tugging my top off, thoughts of getting under my skirt abandoned. For now.

I started to move down, to take his dick into my mouth – I’d already palmed the condom – but he stopped me, his gaze lusty yet still serious. “Let me go first this time,” he said. It was unexpected, but I nodded. He leaned back, grabbing my thighs and gently pulling me towards his face.

He started rubbing me through my panties, then, slowly, pushed the fabric aside and began licking at my lower lips. I squirmed, hiking my skirt up so I could spread my legs wider. I was usually on my back when we went down on me – this was different, and it felt so good.

His hands moved up to my butt, squeezing them as he brought me closer, pushed his tongue in deeper. I moaned loudly, and he hummed his approval – that got me dripping even more.

Before he could do anything more, I swung around, brushing perky nipples against his lower abdomen and taking his dick back in my hand. Two could play at this game.

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